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Ira Katsouda & Dimitra Nikitea – We’ll Bring the Olive Oil! greek spoken

Κατόπιν των τεχνικών δυσκολιών, η Ήρα Κατσούδα και η Δήμητρα Νικητέα θα καταφέρουν να έρθουν τελικά να έρθουν στην Ουτρέχτη, με μία παράσταση γεμάτη αγνό, παρθένο ελληνικό stand up.
Two of Greece’s best female stand-up comedians are coming to Utrecht!
Have you ever wondered:Why do younger siblings exist?What exactly is the “art of bartending”?Who are the best worst tourists ever?When will your parents stop pestering you about having children?Well Ira Katsouda & Dimitra Nikitea will solve all those questions and more, even if you neverasked…By the way, if this all seems Greek to you, that’s cause it is![This show is in Greek]

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