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The New York Second, jazz septet featuring Teus Nobel & Tom Beek

Album release party

“The New York Second is an Amsterdam-based jazz septet that includes some of the Netherlands’ leading musicians, including Teus Nobel (trumpet), Tom Beek (sax) and Mark Alban Lotz (flute). This is the album release event for their latest CD: “Music at Night (and Other Stories)” – with compositions by Harald Walkate (piano) inspired by the essays of English novelist Aldous Huxley. The event also features a brief talk about Huxley’s ideas on music, by Aldous Huxley-expert Uwe Rasch who also wrote the album’s liner notes. The band was a finalist in this year’s prestigious Karel van Eerd Music Award and a single from the album was recently included in Spotify’s ‘Late Night Jazz’ playlist, with 2 million listeners.”

Price: EUR 17,50 (includes CD)

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