Davey Turnhout

With his boyish and relaxed appearance, you would almost forget that Davey Turnhout is someone with a black sense of humor.

Davey’s jokes are sometimes harsh, but always delivered with a lot of love. He has recently turned thirty, understands little of himself or the world around him and has spent the last few years on stage more often at night than at his girlfriend’s house. (Which, by the way, his girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind at all.)

Raised near Leiden, he is now an import Amsterdammer. He draws inspiration from his daily life and experiences. Davey Turnhout won jury prize at the Amsterdam Student Cabaret Festival 2019 in a packed DeLaMar theater and he was also named ‘Roastbaas 2017’ at Dutch Roast Battles in the Comedy Café Amsterdam.

Davey Turnhout was seen on television at First (Ziggo) and SBS6.

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