Bart Melief

Juggling with prejudices, Bart Melief loves it. According to this comedian, you can say anything in a comedy setting.

Bart’s jokes are closely related to current events and his thoughts explode in all directions. He goes beyond spewing flatness into space. His hard, quick jokes are thought-provoking. Because what do we think of prejudice, child labor and the refugee problem? Fortunately Bart comes up with solutions. After seeing his show, you look differently at everyday things like Facebook, hamburgers and the flood disaster of 1953.

This comedian, presenter and copywriter jokes about his characteristic mouth in the autobiographical school play about bullying: Clap for Bart. Bart was in the final of the Leids Cabaret Festival, won the Leeuwarder Cabaret Festival (2012), and received the personality award from the Groningen Student Cabaret Festival (2010).

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