Victor Luiz van Es

At first, Victor Luis van Es looks very calm and nonchalant with a pleasant dose of self-assurance. In his head, however, he is much more restless, this is apparent from funny observations and anecdotes. With his engaging personality he takes you into his story and knows how to fill the largest and smallest stages.

Victor took his first steps on stage at the Amsterdam Youth Theater School and soon noticed that he liked making people laugh the most. Not long after, he switched to stand-up comedy/cabaret.

In 2011, he was in the semifinals of the Leids Cabaret Festival, where he received praise from Jochem Myjer who tweeted: “Victor Luiz van Es! 21 years old and plays the hall with more than standup!” In 2013 the Lowlands Festival followed and that same year he was seen on TV in the popular TV program “The Comedy Factory” by Najib Amhali (RTL4).

In short, whether you want to call it cabaret because of the strong stories and clever insights, or stand-up comedy because of the many jokes. Victor Luis van Es is fun to watch and knows how to captivate and entertain his audience.

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