Tom Sligting

Tom Sligting is one of the first comedians of the Comedy Café in Amsterdam. Since December 1994 he has been on stage there with more than 1000 shows to his name.

With large national tours, Tom plays all the halls, whether he is in a pub or in the theatre, in a youth center or in a theatre. He is the specialist in tailor-made performances for businesses and institutions. Tom is a real headliner, who closes every show with a bang. With astute insights and current jokes, he guarantees a dazzling performance that appeals to a wide audience. At Tom, every performance is a highlight! In recent years he has also been a guest at Lowlands, Laughing Matters, De Uitmarkt and Jörgen Raymann.

Tom Sligting is an artist who knows how to involve the audience in his act like no other and continues to fascinate every second. Sligting is highly topical, energetic and tireless. Time and again he succeeds in turning the latest news into a comedy form. He has his own style, is not really rude, but does push boundaries. He has a different view of the world, he takes you on a journey of discovery. You’ve never seen the world like this.

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