Jacob Spoelstra

What do you get when you throw Doutzen Kroes and Sven Kramer in a blender? No idea. But if it has the charisma and tight timing of Jacob Spoelstra, we are happy to experiment.

This Frisian, who settled in Almere with his family, is distinguished by his observant style about family life. ‘Dry comic’ according to the public, ‘blood-irritating’ according to his children. A family man who, thanks to his contra-alto voice and sobriety, makes even the biggest insult feel like a warm compliment. With his house-garden-and-kitchen jokes, he philosophizes about animal-friendly mousetraps, sour Volkskrant reading grass-eaters and what life would be like if it were an episode of Weekend Millionaires. Jacob’s jokes succeed with Frisian flag and pennant. Recognizable for anyone with a family or who comes from a family.

You may know Jacob from The Great Improvisation Show together with Lama’s Tijl Beckand and Ruben van der Meer. He was also heard on 3FM, Radio 2 and splashed off the tube on Comedy Central. In the wild he could be seen with the company Night of Comedy, Lowlands, Laughing Matters and the EO Youth Day.

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