Comedy Atelier Special TRYO

Tijdens deze show komen 3 cabaretiers try-outen..

Zij werken aan een nieuwe voorstelling, bereiden zich voor op een festival of boetseren aan nieuwe gedachten. Voordat het grote publiek ze ontdekt heeft, brengt TRYO deze cabaretiers één keer per maand naar het Comedy Café.

Koop jouw kaarten hier:

Comedy Atelier Special TRYO op 21 maart

Comedy Atelier Special TRYO op 18 april

Comedy Atelier Special TRYO op 16 mei

Joanna Sio: Live (back) in Amsterdam

Joanna Sio, a Hong Kong native who used to live in Amsterdam, is coming back to town with her one-hour stand-up comedy special, a journey about love, relationships and violence against inanimate objects. A sharp observer of life and unapologetically self-centered, she is going to have a good time.

Joanna Sio won second place at the 2012 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition. She has performed live stand-up in Australia, Canada, India, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and now the Netherlands.

“Rapid Fire and Cleverly Funny!” (Jami Gong, Founder, Take Out Comedy)
“A winning stage presence” (www.
“Clever, snappy and very funny” (Daily Review, Australia)

The show is hosted by Kristel Zweers. Kristel Zweers is Dutch so yes; she doesn’t bite her tongue. Warning: the ruder she gets, the better it is.

Come see Joanna live at Comedy Cafe Amsterdam and get your tickets here!